Carbon Neutral Now

our purpose

Climate change is the largest challenge of our generation. Carbon credits are the current tool in use by governments around the world.

We’re breaking boundaries, bringing together the worlds of blockchain and tokenization for a superior and more reliable approach to carbon trading.

Introducing the Carbo-X Token

The Carbo-X token represents a fraction of a real generated voluntary carbon credit.  Tokenized and traded on the blockchain, it offers a transparent and secure solution to offset emissions for businesses and individuals.

Why Carbo-X?

• 1 Token = 10% of 1 Carbon Credit

• Born in the UAE, for the world

• Registered Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM)

• Blockchain-Backed: We are the only token in the world backed by a blockchain-enabled carbon registry, ensuring unmatched security and traceability

• Simply put, Carbo-X is: Transparent, tradeable, asset-backed, and authentic

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